Hang On Weta!

I always hard to figure out what to photograph on one of those miserable rainy days. The skies are grey and birds are hiding away waiting for the storm to die down. I reckon these kinds of days are when getting out a macro lens and either creating something abstract or capturing some nature is the way to go. We were lucky enough to find this weta (a New Zealand native insect) right outside the back door. Weta’s are often found in damp places so the odd bit of rain didn’t phase this character. They can grow very large but...

Using textures with your photos

I released some of my favourite textures this week on my. So, I thought it might be handy to give a lesson on how you can use textures to enhance a regular photo. Here is my original photo (an HDR image taken near where I live), opened into Photoshop (you can use Elements too): Here is the texture: Next open this texture and paste over the original layer: By default the Blend mode is “normal”. Click on the Blend mode and you’ll get a list of 16 different modes; these are group by kind of blend. For this example I’m going to...

Nature Abstracts – Set 1

I wandered around far and wide to create this nature abstracts.  These make great backgrounds for presentations or digital creations.  Let me know if you kind find what you want or would like a slightly different version of any image. Bonus tip – try removing the colour on these, you might might find some extra magic! With this set you will get a ZIP download of around 120MB with 48 images.

Topaz Presets – Series 1

Topaz Adjust is an awesome plug-in for Photoshop and Photoshop Elements.  It comes with quite a few presets but who wants to use the same ones as everyone else?  Grab these and get some extra “pop” from your images. If you don’t have Topaz Adjust then click here to get a free trial. Remember to use the code “stewartbaird” at the check-out to get 15% off any of their plug-ins. One more thing – you don’t have to own Photoshop to use these!  Check-out  the Topaz Labs web site on how you can use their stand-alone application instead.