Toy World – Topaz Lens Effects

A tilt-shift lens can be used to create some startling effects or fix defects caused by shooting wide-angled, close in.  A good example of this is when shooting buildings; have you noticed how the sides aren’t straight?  Sometimes that itself can be an interesting effect but in the case of architectural photographs not very helpful!  The downside with these lenses is that they are pretty expensive.

That’s where a plugin like Topaz Lens Effects can really help.   I used it on this picture to simulate that “toy” look.   For this to work well you need to shoot above, looking down and then apply a horizontal focus area.  Finally, boosting saturation (not “vibrance”) aids in making the objects look plastic and therefore, toy-like.

I really encourage you do download the plugin and give it a go!

By the way, OnOne Software FocalPoint is another great tool that can be used in the same way.  Give both a try!  I like to use FocalPoint for more specific or detailed effects.


These tools helped me work the magic:

For Topaz Lens Effects – use the code “stewartbaird” at the checkout to get 15% off this fantastic plug-in.



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