Good to the last moment

It’s true that taking photographs at sunset and sunrise time, is probably the best time of day to take landscapes.  The shadows are longer, the contrast greater and colours look magical.  It’s easy to take that great photo and then pack-up, head for home but did you know that the few moments after the sun has set is also really interesting?  Sometimes you can get a “bloom” of light after the sun has gone.  It’s a good idea then to hang-around a bit for any last minute magic…

In this case, the sun had set (to the left of this shot) but there was just enough light left to create some mood.  So, its time to wind-up that ISO a bit on the camera and take a few shots.  Back in post-processing, I just did the basics in Photoshop (noise reduction with Noiseware, curves, levels etc.) and then I masked-in a single texture.  It already looked pretty painterly to so I figured I’d push it a bit further in that direction.

These tools helped me work the magic:

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