Once in a lifetime – snow!

Once in a lifetime – we never get snow where we live.  I think the last time was maybe 50 years ago, so when the snow came it meant get out there fast and take some pictures.   The Canon 7D is weathered but the lens I had attached was the 70-200 F4, which is not.  The new IS model is weathered and would certainly be a good upgrade to get the extra benefits of IS and the ability to use in bad weather.    The telephoto can help me a boring photo more interesting with its compression effect.  I was taking a few images with my wide angle 10-22mm and they actually looked a bit unaspiring with that “white-out” effect.   Now for the long wait for the next snow fall; I think I better go looking for some real snow.  Well, that’s next week’s story…

Once in a lifetime - Snow!


These tools helped me work the magic:

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