In Need of Repair

Want to know a great combination?  Of course you do!  Well, it is Topaz Adjust, a wide-angle lens and a junkyard car.  There are so many colours and shapes to be found within the decaying body of an old vehicle.  Topaz Adjust works on images what seems close to magic, by opening-up these tonal differences.  In my experience, Topaz Adjust is ideally suited to landscapes and these kinds of still-life’s.  I have used it in portraits but only in a very controlled manner (typically, these means only using it on the eyes or perhaps hair, then masking-in).

This shot is taken with the Canon 10-22 EFS lens attached to my Canon 7D.  It’s such a fun lens in these situations; you can get into those little corners, exploring  every little nook and cranny.  You could use lens correction in either Lightroom or Photoshop but I like the dramatic effect of all these crazy lines.I encourage you to download and try Topaz Adjust for yourself.  In fact  if you were to only buy one plugin, I’d choose Topaz Adjust.  When you do use it, make sure you copy the base layer and then mask-in the effect as you see fit.  I’d have to say that I almost never apply Topaz Adjust without, noise reduction, sharpening or in some cases adding back in some Gaussian blur.

Try the 1-2-3 approaches on your own car (hopefully its in better shape than this one).   Use the widest angle you have the wider you can do the better.
topaz adust sample old car

These tools helped me work the magic:


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