Little Country Church

A scene like this is easy to miss.  Normally when I’m driving somewhere I’m focussed more on “getting there” and can zip past some great photo opportunities.  This time I was actually looking for them; I saw this little church off the road and made a mental note to stop there on the return trip.  I almost forgot!  So after some “James Bond” braking I stopped and took a few minutes out to snap this one.  The sky was just right; it was in the middle of day but the cloud cover helped to make the shot work.  
It does seem to me that 90% of photography is about “just taking the shot”.   We cant always wait for the sun to drop down or the sky to be perfect.  Any shot is often better than making none at all I reckon.

This church was closed while I was there, so I was unable to gather much in the way of background information.  What I can say is that its built on local Maori tribal land (you can see a small whare on the right of the church itself.
I do like white picket fences, too! Little Country Church NZ

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