Setting your camera free

Have you ever been out with your camera, taken an awesome shot and the wished you could share it right then?  Of course, you could just use your phone camera all of the time but they don’t give the same kind of results as even a fairly in-expensive camera.

This is where the Eye-Fi card comes in.  Basically it is a standard SD memory card with one additional feature; it has a built-in wireless transmitter.  All you do is insert into your camera in place of your standard SD card, “pair” with your phone (or tablet) and then as you shoot photos they will be transferred to the phone.

The Eye-Fi is pretty smart about power usage; shutting-off when not required to minimise battery drain.  Plus you can (on most cameras) go into a custom menu on your camera and disable the wifi if required.  For example, if you are shooting a lot of photos at a sports event, then you might not want them all copied to your phone.  Here is what is looks like on my OM-D, you can see how there is an extra option under the K custom menu now:

OM-D menu

Once on your phone you can share to your favourite social media Web site (if you post on Intsagram be sure to tag with #DSLR).

One thing to keep in mind that phones don’t usually support what is known as RAW format images from your camera.  So, either shoot JPEG or shoot RAW+JPEG.   On my Olympus I have taken to shooting JPEG most of the time now (only using RAW for landscapes etc), so no big deal there.  I just drop the Mobi in and shoot.

On a camera that has dual card slots, then you could configure one for RAW and the SD for JPEG. I do this on my Canon 5D.  In fact the JPEG images on the SD (Eye-fi) are really only for sharing so I have those set at Small size.  In Lightroom I only import the RAWs.

I encourage you to get one of these cards and see how it adds to your fun in shooting!

By the way, you can check your camera is supported with Eye-Fi using a handy lookup tool (found at the bottom of their home page).

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