The Olympus OM-D Camera

I love my Canon 5D DLSRs – the size of the sensor, the lens selection and the quality of the image it captures. For sure if you are shooting a wedding or the like, then using a full-frame, professional camera is a good idea. That being said a Canon 5D Mark 3 with a 70-200 f2.8 is not really a “walk-about” setup. Must be 3 kilos right there!

The weight aside, the other thing I’ve noticed is how people look at you when walking around, taking street photographs. You “look” like a photographer plus that gear looks very tempting to would-be robbers. Have a look at this scary video of how easy it is to steal someone’s lens right off their camera.

Well, I’m now the proud owner of a Olympus OM-D E-M5 micro 4/3s camera. Phew – who came up with that horrible product name?! Anyway, look past the name and you will find a wonderful piece of engineering whose style harks back to the classic Olympus OM models of the past. My first SLR was the OM-30 and I’ve recently picked-up a used OM-10 to get back to some basic shooting. The OM-D is modelled after the old film camera’s, actually it’s a bit smaller and lighter than the older OM models.

The auto-focus found in the OM-D is quite startling; so fast and quick to acquire. Ideal for street photography when you want to focus quickly using a small camera that does not draw attention to the device. With the 12-50mm kit lens attached you have a complete weather-sealed (“splash proof”) solution. Speed is not just limited to focus – the OM-D can take 9 frames per second in burst mode. Focus tracking in sports is not as good as say the Canon 5D Mark 3, however the OM-D is a fraction of the price!

Another neat aspect with these “mirrorless” cameras is that there is a whole eco-system of lenses that support the micro 4/3s standard; for example you can use Panasonic lenses with the Olympus. If you are looking at a smaller camera that does not cut corners with build and performance, then take a look at the OM-D. Before you buy it though, see how it feels in your hand as the buttons are a bit small and may be a challenge for shooters with large hands.

At the end of the day I reckon you should own a camera that makes it fun to take photographs.

Here is a photo I took with my OM-D just the other day:

Green House Flowers

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