OmniDiskSweeper – Review

I only review products and services if own and use them.

OmniDiskSweeper is another great product from the team over at Omni Group.  This time it’s a simple utility for uncovering disk waste on your Mac.

Have you ever wondered where your disk space has gone to?  That massive hard drive on your laptop; you know the one that you thought would never be too small.  After a truck-load of RAW images have been downloaded, you can find that your down to the free space “danger level”.

Typical the space-hog culprits are media files, temporary files or cached content.  More to the point – they can be anywhere!  Here’s a blurred-out image from the UI; you can see where all my space is!

OmniDiskSweeper helps by performing a complete sort of all files on your disk drive; largest to smallest.  Pick the drive and hit “Sweep”. OmniDiskSweeper is a good CPU citizen, too.  It can run happily in the background while you continue working.

In my case I find that my personal folder is often where the unwanted files reside; so I navigate to that folder first, speeding-up the process.  As of version 1.7 the application is free and you can also delete unwanted files directly from the interface.

Download this little application and give it a go- you’ll be surprised what it shows-up!


A must for any Apple Mac user.

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