Stewart's Workshop is a Web site full of useful tools to help you create your next visual masterpiece! Look around and you will find textures, backgrounds and overlays to use with your photo editing tool of choice.   You will also discover I've got some handy discounts for you on Photoshop plugins.

If you are looking for my main photograph library then that is over at stewartbaird.com




Textures can help you turn your photographs into arty masterpieces.  The great thing about them is that they are so unique; natural variations help to make fine art from any photograph.  Keep on blending them together to create even more variations.

Check-out my texture bundles here.


You can use these backgrounds either as unique wallpapers of as the basis for creative images.  You won't find these images anywhere else on the internet!

Have a look here for some examples.

Coupons & Reviews

Photoshop and Photoshop Elements really come to life with the use of additional plug-ins. I've got a bunch of discount coupons and reviews to help you get started. Why pay full-price when you can get them for less!

Click here for a list of the coupons in store.